Cellar conversions

Imagine a whole new room beneath your home...

A professional cellar conversion from Premiere may be the answer, using the latest technologies we can transform your basement into a spacious new room. Please click one the pictures for some recent examples.

How is your cellar converted?

British Standard 8102:1990, Protection of Structures Against Water From the Ground, defines the grade, usage and performance of levels required to comply with the standard. It states that a drained cavity system is the safest method available for those seeking maximum assurance against failure. This is because ground water is controlled, diverted and harmlessly removed, rather than being totally blocked and at risk of increased hydrostatic ground water pressure that commonly causes breaches through cracking or loss of adhesion in surface applied negative tanking systems such as renders or adhesive membranes, when applied to the inside of a basement. The makeup of a cavity drainage system (drained protection) offers significant benefits over direct applied systems, thermally because it forms two air gaps, and from a practical aspect because it allows later fixing into the plasterboard and battens without breaching the system.

There is an option to use a meshed membrane that is directly plastered over, but if so, an air gap is lost, as is the ability to fix into the plasterboard and battens. We usually only used mesh membranes where space is severely limited, such as in narrow stairwells.

Approved supplier of the finest basement waterproofing system

Premiere are approved suppliers and installers of the Wykamol Membrane System. This consists of a plastic membrane, which is attached to the walls and floors and sealed against any water penetration. Any water which builds up behind the membrane is channelled to a sump and pump, where it is automatically drained away. We are also qualified to lay Lafarge Gyvlon self flowing screed, to provide a strong, smooth, flat floor surface.



Cellar converted to bathroom

Cellar utility room